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About Us.

We Pride ourselves on Service, it's what we do.

Our friendly, honest and experienced advisers will help guide you through the mortgage process. Our flexible approach allows us to talk to you where you feel most comfortable. In your own home, your favourite coffee spot or digitally in your comfies on the couch – the choice is yours. We can accept all of your documentation digitally, no paper needed and a few trees saved along the way.

This seamless service leaves you feeling informed, relaxed and reassured that all is in order, giving you time back to make plans, enjoy the weekends with no time off to visit the bank required.

Similing Team

Our Story

The Erskine Financial journey began in 2018 when founding partner Ashley Erskine wanted to change the way mortgage advice was given. Ashley wanted to shake things up and disrupt the status quo of mortgage advice. By setting a new standard for what should be expected from individuals when it comes to financial advice, she was determined to grow a team of people who saw past the one size fits all approach and give tailored, well thought out solutions to her clients that explored every option. 


At EF, our family is fully focused on caring about our clients, understanding the importance of the conversations we are having, and never forgetting the privilege it is to help our clients buy their homes, build, or grow their wealth, and protect them and their loved one’s situations. 


This is more than a transaction to us, we understand the importance of every single client, and conversation we have. We believe that everyone deserves the best financial advice, without judgement, bias, or barriers no matter who you are, what your story is, or where you’ve come from.

Education is a huge part of what we do. It’s just as important to us that you understand the why behind our advice as well as what advice we are giving. Everything is open and transparent - there’s no smoke and mirrors. After each conversation, we want you to be in a better place than you started and be set up for whatever it is your future holds.


Every single conversation we have, will be as individual as you are – we can’t wait to help.

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