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Erin Hill

Admin Team

Hey, I’m Erin! I’m part of the admin team at Erskine Financial. I’ve been working part time at EF for almost three years now alongside studying medicine at uni. Although my course is very full on, I’m really glad that I’ve been able to continue working at EF throughout the semesters!


You usually won’t hear from me directly at EF but anything you receive that has been handwritten usually finds its way to me! I typically fill out any Trust Forms, write cards to send with candles and vouchers for our Refer a Friend scheme, or sometimes help Ash with any arts and crafts projects!


If I’m not working or studying, in any free time I have, I usually spend it playing hockey or going out with friends, which is how most of my weekends are spent!

0131 378 1840

Erin Hill
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